[pɚ sə `nɛɫ]


  • Stress the third syllable, which is pronounced [`nɛɫ], which is like the woman’s name “Nel,” which is short for “Nellie.”

  • In the first syllable pronounce the letters “er” as the weak R-Vowel

    /ɚ/ .

  • Pronounce the letter “o” as the weak schwa vowel


Practice Sentences:

You need to go to the Personnel Department.
We need more personnel for this project.


  • (noun) All of the employees or workers taken together as a whole.


Some confuse this word with “personal,” which is the adjectival form of person—”This is a personal matter” versus “This is a personnel matter.” This word is a collective noun which takes a plural verb (Our personnel are affected adversely by the schedule changes) and is similar in this respect to “people” and “police.”

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